Meet our Instructors

  • Liz Kidd, Owner
    Hello, my name is Liz Kidd, and I own the Bark Boutique and Grooming Salon. I am married with one living son and one deceased son. I now have six grandchildren that I love dearly. I have to explain some things as to why I got into dog grooming. First of all, I love dogs! I adopt dogs, kids and whomever else wants to be in my family! My son’s dog, Baby, rescued me and we have taken care of each other until this year when she passed to be with “her daddy.” I realized how therapeutic dogs can be for people. I am also an LVN, and I worked at Shannon Clinic until I retired. I was taking care of Baby, my chihuahua, when I realized that I could have the best of both worlds by having a grooming shop and taking my dogs to work with me. Now, I have three employees and my sister, Sarah, who has Down Syndrome, working in the shop taking care of our fur babies. I am learning how to groom but my favorite job is loving on the dogs!
  • Sarah Nichols, Towel Girl
    Hello, my name is Sarah Nichols and my sister Liz Kidd is writing this because I don’t write words unless it’s my name. I work at the Bark Boutique and Grooming Salon folding towels, cleaning up the dogs waste and taking out the trash. But when I am not busy, I am showing everyone my pretty nails that I have done once a month. I like to sit in the break room and watch TV, play with my material that I cut up and color pages to give to everyone that works here. I love getting up to come to work with my sister, especially loving on the dogs here. I love to lay in the floor and let the dogs climb all over me, that’s my favorite time of the day. Thank you for letting me play with your babies.
  • ariel
    Ariel Johns


    I am Ariel and I was a bather here at the Bark Boutique but now I am a groomer.  I hope you have seen some of my work on our Facebook page. So far, in my life, this is the best job I have ever had to do. I love brushing the dogs, bathing them, and loving on them but my favorite breed is Pugs. So bring me your fur babies especially the Pugs.

  • Mandy
    Mandy Zimmerlee


    My name is Mandy, I am working at Bark Boutique as a manager for Liz, I am a multi-team player, receptionist, doggy daycare helper, and anything else the business needs. 

    I have really enjoyed working here and I love the fur babies and helping everyone. 

  • everett
    Everett Raymond


     My name is Everett. I have been at this job for over a year now and I trained from the bottom up. I did not have any previous knowledge of grooming but I have always had the touch of love with the dogs. I love dogs and I am so patient with them while I groom them. 

  • Sara Goss


     My name is Sara and I love to groom your fur babies. I have been grooming approximately 2 years, I am very patient with them and this is my passion.

  • Tabitha Padilla


     I am Tabitha and I am a mother of two beautiful girls. I wasn't sure if this was the job for me when I first started. But now, I love my job! I enjoy bathing all the dogs even though I go home wet. I love the hours and the time I get to spend with my girls now. 

  • Ry Ortiz

    Hello, My name is Ry. I live here with my family. I have never worked in a dog salon before but this is something I do enjoy very much, even though I don't like to get up early. I really try hard to bathe all the dogs with my new bathing ability. Thank you for letting me bathe your fur babies.

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